Friday, January 28, 2011

Discouragement Reigns

I am feeling quite discouraged lately.  After discovering Unsolicited Advice, printing out the "form" for my Bare Minimum and discovering the issues that are getting me down, I thought that things would improve.  It has been nearly three weeks and I still have yet to fill out and post my Bare Minimum.  

I had good intentions, but only the day after posting our new schedule we decided to move.  Since then we have packed up everything that was not needed before the move, my husband has gotten a new job and I have been missing way too much sleep.  I thought that having so many things packed would make it a piece of cake to keep the house clean.  Boy, was I wrong!  I think it's actually more disorganized!  Josh's new job has meant that where I have had his help for most days this past year, I am now on my own.  And the lack of sleep!  Jonah went from not nursing during the day and nursing a few times at night to nursing several times a day and so many times at night that I lost track.  After two nights of getting little sleep, I really felt like it was time to wean him.  The first night was difficult and I almost gave up, but last night was surprisingly easy.  I am so excited about the possibility of being able to sleep an full, uninterrupted eight hours tonight!  

Last night I finally found a few minutes to look through my issue of The Old Schoolhouse Magazine.  It was full of terrific articles that should have offered encouragement, but I just didn't feel it.  I am feeling as though things are overwhelmingThe house is a mess, discipline is sub-par, manners are lacking and we aren't accomplishing the things that we should.  Being organized and disciplined do not come naturally to me.  I really struggle in these areas.  My plan?  Well, I don't actually have one.  That's the problem, I guess.  I'm just floundering here.


  1. You're not alone! I am behind in more things than I can count right now! I'm not sure how old Jonah is but my Olivia is 7 mths and I get no sleep still! I keep reminding myself it's a "season"!

  2. Jonah is 19 months old. He nursed longer than any of my other babies. My babies have always weaned during my next pregnancy, but Jonah nursed so frequently that my cycles only recently returned (not that I missed them!)

  3. Oh goodness! I am right there with you. We had family over last night for my 4 yr. old's birthday. It took me an entire week to prepare, b/c the house is/was that messy... and b/c of the thousand interruptions... and b/c my 2 yr old reclutters as I go. And I still had that frantic crunch hour where my husband and I were running aroun cleaning and sternly egging on the kids to pick up.

    One day, I'd love to have a home that runs like a well oiled machine. Ha Ha! One can dream, right?

    Moving is a big thing. If you need to set aside thinking about getting organized for now, that's perfectly fine. Just find out what your bare minimum for survival is and do that. Don't stress about everything all at once.

    How many children do you have? just curious. :)

  4. Here I am feeling like I am drowning and yesterday I got a text from my mother-in-law asking if she can come visit on Monday. There is just no way I could possibly get the house in any sort of order for company right now!

    Last night I went through the downstairs and packed away unworn shoes, unnecessary dishes and more toys. I felt like things might be more controlled. My plan is to pack a lot more, so that the need for cleaning is cut down to allow me to spend more time working on discipline and just spending time with the kids--all six of them!